GHS has adopted the motto: “Where the Past Meets the Present with a Promise.” In 2002, Galesville celebrated its 350th anniversary, making it one of the oldest villages in the United States.

On October 28, 1652, a land grant or “Certificate of Survey” was issued for 660 acres of land to John, Patience and Mary Brown, and John Clark, his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, John and Ann Clark.

The area was called Brownton, and later the name changed to West River Landing and then to Galloways. These early settlers were Puritans, who became Quakers. They came into the province following the enactment of the famous “Act of Toleration” of 1649. Almost from the beginning West River Landing became the focal point of shipping and travel in this area.

In 1684 it was officially designated a “port of entry” for checking imports and exports, along with Town Point at Herring Bay, Londontown on the South River and “Newtown”, now Annapolis, on the Severn.

The village continued to be the main port on the West River for both shipping and travel up to and through the steamboat era. Throughout colonial times the landing probably consisted of a wharf together with a warehouse or two and possibly a store or blacksmith shop.


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