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The lighting of a bar communicates a lot to the people inside of it, this is why getting the lighting right is one of the most crucial areas of the service business. Tied closely together with lighting is color, and together the two are a powerful duo in deciding how we feel when we’re inside of a room.

There are many types of moods that a bar owner may hope to create, and many ways to do it. Colored lighting and other effects are elements that can either add the perfect touch or overwhelm the entire atmosphere. Such things need to be done delicately and in a way that matches the exact needs of the bar.

Decorative bar lights outside

A person will judge the atmosphere of a room upon first entering it, and from then on their entire perception will be based on that. Your entrance and front desk room are very important.

  • LED spotlights outside are good for sports bars that want to make an immediate impact
  • Ceiling-mounted recessed lighting is a good call for a more intimate location.
  • Wall-mounted lamps or lanterns can invite a very particular feeling, either one renaissance, or a regal delicacy.

Most other classic lighting fixtures are either invalid or outdated for use outside of the bar.

Task lighting is too reminiscent of a run-down Chinese bar, and most hanging lighting is obtrusive and not a good way to start off someone’s first impression.

The brightness should match the desired mood tone, and colored lights can be used sparingly.

Decorative bar lights inside

Upon entering the inside of the bar, many different options exist and the right one can be curated perfectly for you.

Chandeliers  and the main area

Chandeliers that hang low are meant to show them off in a refined way, but chandeliers that stay high are barely any different from ceiling fans. Which, by the way, are something to only use for light sparsely across the room unless your goal is to be a family establishment.

Chandeliers hanging around the bar can give a Victorian feel, and ceiling fans can teleport one back to the 1950s or the old Wild West. Both can make great additions to any room.

The main lights should always be kept from coloring, and one should reserve that for the accent lights. A general, and loosely followed, rule of thumb is the more brightly colored lights you have, the more ‘family-friendly’ a room will be.

Adults do like flashing lights, but only in moderation. If your goal is to create a regal and high-class bar, brightly colored LED lighting should be mostly forgone to avoid coming off as tacky or too neighborly.

Pendant lighting fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures are perfect for modern fast-casual places.

The lamps

The lamps are very delicate things. They can create a regal vibe, or be seen as annoying and tacky. It depends on the style and how well it matches the overall vibe of the room.

Reserve the table lamps for the high-class place, but the sports bar can spot each table with a scattered pattern of recessed lighting.

Simple lamps can give a very tribal feel to a room and spread-out lanterns can keep the mood dim and romantic while giving just enough light.

Wall accent

Lighted bar shelves and cabinets

Under-bar lighting

Track lighting 

Track lighting should be avoided unless the spot is showcasing something or for tourists.

Recessed and utility lighting

  • Utility lighting usually appears too stoic and should be kept in the kitchen. But, if the right design is chosen it can come off with a very post-modern feel. Task-based lighting in the form of LED strips is very useful for staying out the way, and keeping the light where the cooks and wait staff need it.
  • Recessed lighting can also do a good job here, as can many different forms of installed LED lights. Keeping your workers in a good mood is very important, and ensuring the area is clean, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing is an important factor in that.

Utility lighting should never be colored unless it is tucked behind the bar or takes up a small amount of space.

LED lights for bar decoration

LED Lighting is energy-efficient light that helps lower utility bills. Decorating your bar with LEDs should not be very difficult if you know the type of LEDs that are available:

Reflector LED

A reflector LED is used to light up large areas while still maintaining low power output and low UV rating. With a wide span and long directional application, these LEDs are super powerful in the right situations.

LED Spots (spotlights)

These are perfect for shining a large amount of light over a large area, while still maintaining efficiency, and ease of use. Not only good for the brightness of light, but the LED spotlight also has an extra-long lifespan and can be seen anywhere from theaters to modern storefronts.

Due to its versatility, the spotlight is a classic and well-used LED.


When the mood is of the utmost importance, downlights are great bets and are very convenient and efficient. They provide a sleek and elegant design with a customizable scale of lighting.

LED Strips

These are one of the more interesting types of LEDs, as they appear as small strings made of many miniature LED lights. This twinkling rendition of the original LED is used mainly for glossy decoration of cars and accent lighting in bars or restaurants.

Application-Specific LED

These come in many specific shapes and sizes… when you see a billboard, sign, or display that uses LED lights: that is an ASLED.

Common uses of LED lights

After three decades, when the efficient emission of blue light was finally discovered, two Japanese scientists figured out a way to combine red, blue, and green LEDs to achieve the emission of the entire color spectrum in the form of LED lights.

This changed the world of light, light bulbs, and LED forever!

Mood coloring

Attaching LED Strip lights to certain utility devices, such as the fridge, shelves, or counteract a bar allows for a small mood coloring without overly displaying colors.

The deeper the color is, the more acceptable it is in a regal environment. Maroon reds and deep violets are usually seen as room enhancers in these types of establishments.

Using recessed LED lighting is usually a good move for mood enhancement, as it does not intrude much and stays tucked away.

LED panels are also a safe bet for more casual bars, as they get the job done and don’t take anything away from the experience!

The right amount of light

Each and every table should have the right amount of light splashing onto them without it bleeding too much or being too dry.

Some places even arm the bottom of tables with red-glowing LED lighting fixtures to give a warm radiance from each table, as if each table were its own world, floating on in an ocean of delicacy.

This style is not only to be reserved for high-class places but changing the hue and dimming the amount of light can quickly take you from a midnight Italian experience to a neighborhood sports bar.

Having the bar seem to glow with LED is a very popular technique. There are many ways to do it, but as said before LED strips are a good way to achieve that look while also staying efficient.

The basic rule of thumb is: “Do not overdo it!” People are not in the casino, they are actually coming to relax and chat with a friend.

Attention! This article is for informational purposes ONLY and is NOT a replacement for a professional advice! All statements, prices, contact information, recommendations, and reviews contained herein are based on the information we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed. You will need to visit company's website for details and updates, as well as consult your local specialist for appropriate solution to your problem..


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